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With 16,000+ member companies spanning the diverse retail industry, NRF membership gives the retail law community access to unique networking opportunities, industry resources, research, events and more.

Curated member resources to enhance your retail law career:


NRF Councils and Committees

Connect and build relationships with other retail industry legal experts through collaborative networking opportunities and groups designed to bring retail leaders together. NRF’s councils and committees provide retail members with the latest insights, best practices and a secure space to share challenges and solutions. Learn more about NRF councils and other member benefits here.

Councils and committees designed just for retail law professionals include:

General Counsels Forum

Members collaborate on strategies and ideas for addressing legal and management issues of concern to retail legal departments. Learn more here.

Employment Law and Benefits Committee

Members examine health care and benefits legislative and regulatory policies that affect retailers. This is NRF’s technical committee on labor law and employee relations matters, regularly filing amicus briefs on behalf of the industry. Learn more here.

Lawyers Committee

This committee focuses on the current nuts-and-bolts legal matters pertinent to the retail industry, unrelated to employment law. Learn more here.

Privacy Committee

In this committee, members network with other senior retail executives and counsels in government relations, legal and regulatory compliance departments. Discussions include operations that affect the privacy and security of consumer information. Learn more here.

Additional NRF Councils of interest include Diversity & Inclusion Working Group and the Payments Systems Task Force.

Top member benefits to stay up to date in the retail industry:


COVID-19 Returning Employees and Employment Legal Issues Resources

Operation Open Doors resources provide guidance for retailers on how to bring people back from furloughs and layoffs and address the surrounding legal issues. View the latest COVID-19 resources to help the law community best support retailers. Learn more here.

NRF members can join NRF working groups led by NRF and Seyfarth Shaw LLP to produce guidance and tools for retailers to use as stores begin to reopen across the country. Join NRF working groups here.

Retail Litigation Headquarters

NRF’s legal actions have often resulted in significant wins for the retail industry, by filing lawsuits at levels ranging from trial courts all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

See how NRF advocates for the retail industry at NRF’s Retail Litigation Headquarters to learn more about recent legal briefs NRF has filed, accompanied by news releases and other supporting materials.

NRF On Demand

Watch curated industry content anytime and on any device. Content is regularly refreshed with the latest takeaways and actionable items from NRF’s events and webinar series.

NRF Research

NRF’s research provides industry professionals with year-round data on current trends and insights specific to the legal community. Take advantage of NRF's premier data to help your company make data-driven decisions.

Data and reports supporting the retail law community include:

  • Organized crime survey
  • Monthly economic reviews
  • Data security
  • Employment insights

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